America’s Most Wanted Tee

So this is a tee design I did for America’s Most Wanted Comics & Collectibles, located on Market Street in South Williamsport, PA.  Joseph Figured, the owner, was looking for something to put on a promotional T-shirt in time for Free Comic Book Day this past May of 2014.  Joe wanted something that looked like a “WANTED” poster, in theme with the name of the shop.

I immediately visualized an old western-style “WANTED” poster, but I didn’t know for sure what sort of character to put on it, initially considering just a generic comic book hero or villain of sorts.  But after some brainstorming, I decided to feature some of the merchandise the shop actually sells, basing the character off Pop! vinyls, a popular collectible series of bobble-head figures.

Below is an image I pulled off of the AMW website, followed by two “WANTED” posters that I found online for visual reference.  They are exactly the look I wanted.

1375079_662463953771986_1583654660_n 1022047473944_6LU95BEa_l 5763bdba596d3b64c780172efacf3917-d5ffn0e

I…decided to use Clint Eastwood, from The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly, also for visual reference in creating my “wanted” bobble-head…

Lookin' good, Clint...
Lookin’ good, Clint…

I created the design entirely in Photoshop, and started by doing some sketches…

Sketch 1
Sketch 1
Sketch 2
Sketch 2
Sketch 3
Sketch 3

Sketch 1, though I really liked it, was looking a bit too Clint-y, so I fixed that, and developed a pretty solid character by Sketch 3.  I’d created some shapes to help get a nice, symmetrical head & eyes.

Below is my finished drawing, based on the final sketch above (Sketch 3) above, along with added text.  I downloaded a font called “Cowboy” for this.


I took this completed drawing with text, changed the color to a greyed umber and, using the two tones I already had in the image, threw on some quickly painted spatters, fading, and wrinkles to simulate wear and weathering.

AMW-Umber AMW-Wear-Spattering AMW-Final-Weathering

And that’s it!  I then re-scaled things a bit and added the store address to the bottom of the image.  Below are the finished design in Photoshop as well as a photo of the printed tee now sold in-store!




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