The second digital painting I completed of the old work I came across–Supergirl.  Again, the original is posted below, but you will probably notice that I changed a bit more about this image than I did with Red Hulk.

First, as with Red Hulk, I zoomed the image out to show more of the character.  The outfit itself I remade to be loosely modeled after Henry Cavill’s outfit in the Man of Steel film, which entirely does away with Supergirl’s classic skirt, and also is lacking the bare legs of modern…if not all (canon, at least)…incarnations of the character; in other words, a more functional outfit.

I also want to emphasize that, if I were to create a current image of Supergirl (not using old artwork as a base), she would be much younger in appearance–actually a girl, likely around 14 years of age.  Supergirl is usually depicted as a young woman in her early 20s…or at least late teens.  And if Peter Parker can call himself SpiderMAN at age 15…I think SuperGIRL may rightfully be called SuperWOMAN, by way of sheer linguistic accuracy.  The misleading title makes little sense to me but, as it is what she is known as, that is the title I stuck with here.  Perhaps I will make a more contemporary and fitting Supergirl in the future…



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