Miss Noel


Another pet portrait, this time of the beautiful Miss Noel!  Doesn’t she look fabulous, everyone?  And cozy.  Miss Noel is done in colored pencil, on 11″ x 14″ smooth Bristol board, as per the norm with my traditional illustrative work.  Below, please check out my workflow for the image!


First, I created a sketch of Miss Noel using a standard HB pencil and a simple grid that I created and matched up in Photoshop to get the proportions right.  This is an important step when trying to get an accurate representation of a person, or kitty!


Before laying down any colored pencil, I bumped up the levels (contrast) and saturation for the original photo in Photoshop, to help me get some colors that popped when I began putting down colored pencil.  For this one, specifically, I adjusted the hue slightly as well, as the image appeared a bit yellowed.  This really helped the reds pop.  As usual, I began laying down the dark colors first, here with black and browns.


As you can see, I slowly added detail to the image–mostly in the form of a lot of fur!  Finally, I think I ended with a successful piece.  A random artistic change was the solid colors for the quilt that lies underneath the checkered blanket.  There is no particular reason for this.  At the beginning, I thought it would just be easier than copying all of the original detail of the quilt, but at the end, I was actually disappointed that I’d already laid solid colors out, as I actually wanted to put more detail in.  In any case, I do like the vibrant colors on the quilt that I ended with.

And that is it for Miss Noel!  Forever immortalized, in pristine comfort and beauty, on checkers and stars…  Hope you all enjoyed!


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