About Us


G Andrew Corll – Owner, Executive Creative Director, Artist

I am a visual artist.  Doing art is what I’m all about.  I’ve been drawing since Kindergarten, and by the third grade I’d already decided that rather than being an astronomer or paleontologist, I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.  I held to this throughout my primary schooling & went on to study Media Arts & Animation at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, immediately after high school.

Visual art has been a way for me to communicate that was far removed from the technicality of verbal language, and has allowed me to explore my imagination & indulge my curiosity about the world in a way I couldn’t have otherwise.  Visual art has also helped teach me the value & enjoyment of pure, hard, & consistent effort.  Had I not spent countless hours working & re-working, drawing & redrawing, over & over & over again…I would not be the artist–or the person–I am today.


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